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Ákos after

Living Room the Polgári Mulató - BUDAPEST

Ákos going to have a double Arena concert in this year also. This can not be left without afterparty, therefor the Ákos Klub Magyarország invite fans next to Astoria to the Living Room for an concert after event. There will be three rooms:
>Big room: Ákos afterparty
>Little room-1: Slágerlovagok Depeche Mode party
>Little room-2: DeadLine Industries room
By showing your Ákos concert ticket you can choose two opcions to buying ticket:
# you can buy ticket half price
# or you can come two of yours by buying the whole price ticket.

Tickets: 1.500 HUF

Facebook event: here

December 31, 2018
XII. 12 Hours New Year's Eve Retro party
Under Budapest club - BUDAPEST

More information by clicking on the picture.

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