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October 14, 2017
Noire Wave: Sellennacht & Gunmaker concert
Fészek Kulturális Központ - BUDAPEST

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October 28, 2017
Bonanza Banzai 30.
Living Room a Polgári Mulató - BUDAPEST

The Bonanza Banzai was the most famous synth-pop band in Hungary what founded 30 years ago. The members of the Band have thousands fans for nowadays. We convene they for a night into the Living Room at the centre of Budapest, Astoria. The party will be in two rooms: Bonanza Banzai room and Ákos room. Ákos was the singer of Bonanza Banzai and now he is the most popular singer in Hungary.

The DJs:
<>Szkepa /Szeged/ - Dark New Wave Klub
<>Richie /Székesfehérvár/ - DM Klub Székesfehérvár
<>Józan-Géza /Budapest/ - Blasphemous Club, Ákos Klub

Tickets: 1.000 HUF

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